Connor Lowe

I’m an experienced leader and designer based on Bowen Island. I’ve spent the last 20 years inspiring positive change in and out of organizations.

What I do


I help people recognize and emphasize their unique strengths. I form and lead strong, healthy, and motivated high performing teams.


My practice blends deep knowledge of fundamentals with a broad knowledge of history and culture. I define ambitious outcomes, communicate them clearly, and connect them to immediate realities.


Books, essays, and other things that have informed my perspective.



Lao Tzu — Stephen Mitchell Translation

Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace

Carlo Rovelli

Seth Godin

W. David Marx

Michael Pollan

Colin Bryar, Bill Carr

Peter Merholz & Kristin Skinner

Marcus Aurelius

Yurval Noah Harari

Yurval Noah Harari

Steve Diller, Nathan Shedroff, Darrl Rhea

Venkatesh Rao

Andy Weir

Stewart Brand

Oliver Reichenstein

Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris

Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur

Kenya Hara

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki

Kurt Hanks, Larry Belliston

Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

Paul Hawken, L. Hunter Lovins, Amory B. Lovins


I've never been able to hold a linear view of my life. Management coaching taught me I need to define my purpose and goals but singular outcomes feel limiting, like I'd be pulled along by my goals rather than on a frontier of my own. For some reason, since a young age I've been compelled by the idea of a "renaissance person." Perhaps inspired by feeling like an outcast while growing up in small town Saskatchewan. I was in pursuit of a professional hockey career, but still wanted to be smart, and still wanted to be an artist. This wasn't like my peers.

The way in which many careers are made is through specialization. We're asked to simplify our narrative. Pick something and stick to it for 10,000 hours.

"But we must take care when we use metrics. … Once we decide on them, they have a habit of setting the agenda. As the old adage goes, what gets measured gets managed."

— Sep Kamvar

It wasn't until recently I recognized I had by living by the maxim: pursue maximal interestingness. Throughout my life I've veered toward the path of uniqueness — doing things my way. Leading with my heart and trying my best to take advantage of what life gives me. While this can make life complicated, I look back and see richness and vibrance.

Perhaps that's why I'm so drawn to design. There are no walls around design; it's a magnificent tool for value making that's unbounded by status quo. We work with the status quo in order to understand it, but it's another input, just like everything else.

Design is the practice of turning context into value.

Design is the practice of turning context into value.

Good design happens when it emerges from diversity. Good design doesn't happen in a silo. Good design happens when it's exposed to the world, in one way or another. Good design finds balance under tension, it works in the in-between space, balancing extremes. Form vs function, and so on. The best design leads to outsized long term value.

My Beliefs

  1. Design can be applied to anything to add value.

  2. Ideas cannot be owned and value is created by building.

  3. Trust is the foundation for collaboration.

  4. Stories are the glue of our species.

  5. Everyone has the ability to do anything. Some people are better at some things that others.

My operating model:

  1. Be hard on the work, be easy on each other.

  2. People are more important than places.

  3. Cultures are made up of individuals.

  4. Don't optimize too early.

  5. Lead by inspiring, support through systems.

  6. Make it real.

  7. We not me.

  8. Species scale.

Anyone that's worked with me will have examples of me using these principles. They are born out of a constant pursuit of scaling creative, collaborative teams.

Still from Who Wants to Be an Amerikan — Aaron Beckum (2007)