People are more important than places.

CEO & Co-founder of HILOS

Connor is brilliant at bottling a brand into a user experience across digital faces. From information hierarchy to a seamless UX, he brings a design polish, intuition, and attention to detail that's extremely rare. We couldn't have asked for better.

Lead Digital Experience Designer, Aritzia

Connor’s leadership is defined by his profound, passionate, persistent patterns of caring.

He is relentlessly comprehensive in his work. More than anyone I know, Connor poetically and appropriately infuses even the smallest details with big ideas, past insights, future ambitions, business objectives and user needs.

He cares deeply about producing quality work, he is always paying attention, and he never misses a consideration.

This deep consideration translates to his relationship with his clients and companies. He balances business acumen, creative innovation, and user empathy when he works, but he always puts people before places or projects. He takes the time to listen, deeply understand things, and respond with curiosity and open-mindedness. I had the pleasure of being directly managed by Connor for 6 years, and I can confidently say that he is the most committed, inspiring, thoughtful and caring mentor I have ever had.

Founding Member, Slack

I’ve known Connor professionally since 2011. During that time we’ve been colleagues at a large software company, co-founders of a startup, and partners in creative exploration of the possibilities of technology. He has helped me elevate my own skills and ways of thinking about design and software (as I’ve pursued my own career as a founding employee at Slack).

Connor is one of the most creative, perceptive, and sensitive technology designers I’ve worked with. His aesthetic instincts are exceptional and his sense for “what works” is unfailing. Most of all, I’ve always been impressed with Connor’s ability to distill the essence of a given problem and focus on solutions and opportunities that extend from it, rather than getting caught in the weeds of trends, existing answers, or conventional thinking.

He approaches design with a beginner’s mind and a master’s skill set.

I would recommend Connor unreservedly. He is a talented technology designer, a genuine collaborator, and an innovative thinker.

Senior Digital Experience Designer, Aritzia

Connor Lowe does everything you would expect a world-class Design leader to do — he constantly finds new ways to motivate his team, he fosters a collaborative and safe environment to create within, he’s a committed mentor, he obsesses over details, and he raises the bar for excellence. He does these things brilliantly and with a high degree of care. However, in addition to that, there are countless intangible things that Connor does to bring out the full potential of others.

He taps into what truly motivates and drives you as a creative, making you want to do your greatest work for him.

Even remotely, Connor is able to effectively cultivate the feeling of a luxury Design studio, regardless of what Design problem you are tasked with solving.

Connor’s incredibly dedicated leadership and master-level Design skills have enabled teams to create some amazing things. Having had the pleasure of reporting directly to Connor, I can confidently recommend him for any leadership position.

Manager, Digital Experience Research, Aritzia

Connor is the most patient and caring leader I’ve ever worked with. He truly accepts each and every human as who they are, does not pass judgement, and teaches this mindset as a way of diffusing any and all conflict around him.

Connor created a design team culture of emotional safety and trust. I full heartedly believe that you could drop him into any design team in need of a cultural overhaul, and see marked improvement.

Connor’s support and generous autonomy enabled me to build a world class user research team and capabilities from the ground up, and deliver tremendous business value as a result, all while being myself.

Connor’s lessons on creativity and humanity are ones that I’ll treasure and reference for the rest of my life.

Senior Product Designer, Ramp

Connor is a rare type of leader that inspires you to think bigger and differently. He led design while I was working with Aritzia within the Digital Experience team. His leadership style is empathetic and inspired me to take on new challenges within the organization.

He created an environment at Aritzia where world-class designers thrived and built Aritizia's e-comm presence from the ground-up - from the very first sale to the 400m+ in revenue that it supports today.

I would recommend him for any organization that values compelling craft, deep problem-solving, and empathetic leadership.

Director, Product Design, Mejuri

Connor is an exceptional leader who consistently pushes the envelope of creating simplistic, intuitive and smart design.

He has an incredible ability to motivate his team in ways that bring creative excellence to everything they touch.

He is empathetic, kind and personally invested in making the customer experience better. Connor takes the time to meet with his team regularly and enjoys staying close to the craft.

His ability to create simplistic, intuitive and smart design shows that he has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of user needs. His hands-on approach and willingness to stay close to the craft demonstrate that he is a collaborative leader who leads by example and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get things done.

Having worked with Connor as a Director of Experience Design while he was a Senior Director, I have no doubt that he would be an asset to any organization that values creativity, empathy, and innovation. I highly recommend him for any leadership position.

Director, eCommerce Technology, Aritzia

Connor is an exceptional leader who possessed the skills and knowledge needed to lead a successful digital experience team. Throughout our time working together, he demonstrated his expertise in the digital space and his ability to drive exceptional results. Connor's deep understanding of digital technologies, coupled with his passion for innovation, enabled him to make a significant impact on the organization.

Connor is also known for his exceptional communication skills and his ability to motivate and inspire his team. He had a collaborative approach that helped to create a strong culture of innovation and excellence within the team.

Connor was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his team and his stakeholders were satisfied.

He understood the importance of delivering projects on time and within budget and always kept the team focused on achieving these goals.

One of Connor's greatest strengths was his ability to work with cross-functional teams. He had a unique ability to bring together different stakeholders to achieve common goals. This collaborative approach helped to create successful digital initiatives and enabled his teams to deliver exceptional results. Connor played a key role in the development of several successful digital initiatives.

In summary, Connor was an outstanding leader who possessed the skills and knowledge needed to lead a successful digital experience team. His deep expertise, exceptional leadership skills, and dedication to excellence made him an exceptional candidate for any organization looking to drive digital transformation and deliver exceptional results.

Senior Product Designer, Aritzia

Outside of being an incredible leader, Connor is also an incredible human – the single biggest reason in my decision to come to Aritzia when given the opportunity.

Connor pushed our team to think deeper before calling a job done, to really lean into the details of everything and make sure we were putting world-class work forward.

On a more personal level, his approach enables one to bring their best self, everyday. That approach fostered an incredible culture among our team, one that I reflect on as my favourite, and most tight-knit group to be a part of.

That attitude also enabled strong relationships beyond our team, giving us a greater voice in the company to shape what was possible with our work.

Without a doubt, Connor will continue be a source of world-class design and leadership in whatever capacity he takes on in the future, I miss working with him everyday.

Senior Digital Experience Designer, Design Systems

Connor has a vision for excellence that is creative, empathetic, functional, and business oriented. He is a thoughtful craftsman, aligning the goals and needs of the business with the needs of the users. Connor’s deep understanding of user-centered design principles and crafting of seamless and engaging experiences exceed user expectations.

As a manager and people leader he builds teams of user experience subject matter experts with diverse skill sets and backgrounds—people are drawn to work with Connor because he cultivates a culture of excellence, innovation, and care for craft.

He provides an environment of autonomy, empowering team members to innovate with intention to converge on the right problems to solve.

As a leader Connor is a trusted partner with a shared-goal approach, while advocating for the needs of product users. He collaborates seamlessly with cross functional teams, stakeholders, and upper leadership fostering a unified vision, driving successful project outcomes.

Connor is an inspiring designer and leader. I appreciate the opportunity I had working on Design Systems under his mentorship.

Lead Digital Experience Designer, Aritzia

Connor's greatest strength lies in his exemplary leadership by example and his unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

He possesses a remarkable ability to unite people and foster a culture of collaboration.

His unique blend of creative vision and technical expertise sets him apart and empowers his team to deliver outstanding results.

Moreover, Connor embodies the qualities of a true team player. He engages in active listening and fosters a positive and supportive work environment. He values the opinions and perspectives of others, creating a collaborative atmosphere where ideas are freely shared and respected. Connor's inclusive approach and dedication to teamwork greatly contribute to the overall success and morale of the team.

I have full confidence that Connor is an exceptional leader who will undoubtedly make a positive impact on any team he joins. His natural leadership abilities, combined with his unwavering commitment to excellence, enable him to bring out the best in his team members. Connor's presence elevates performance, motivation, and overall success, making him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Digital Experience Designer, Aritzia

Connor is a natural leader who always encouraged the the team to grow in their craft – to explore the blue skies and create experiences that were not only grounded in design principles and user needs, but also paved the way forward.

He keeps a pulse on the design industry and encouraged the team to create space to explore and experiment.

Connor is incredibly thoughtful and patient. He is empathetic, which makes him a great designer, and an even better manager. Despite wearing multiple hats and managing many team responsibilities with a team of 18, he also made time to connect individually with team members.

Connor is dedicated to his team, investing in personal relationships, and creating an inclusive and collaborative environment. He has a passion for his craft and strives to create experiences that improve the customer experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Connor and truly believe he would be an asset to any team.

Associate Creative Director, Aritzia

How do you know you have a leader? I knew from the moment I met Connor that he would be my go-to guy. The person I could count on and look to as my north star and my mentor. Connor has an amazing ability of making everyone he interacts with feel comfortable. With that, opens people up to discussing ideas with him (realistic or crazy), asking for advice and opinion, and even fighting with him over what you think is the direction to go in and what isn't. Where ever Connor goes, creativity and collaboration follows. A lot of the time people get used to working in silos or having decisions being made based on hierarchy and I remember Connor telling me "Don't ever think of hierarchy when you're working unless you're in the army." Other Connor-isms include "If you want to be the Creative Director, just be it now", "Don't think about how it's going to get done, just think about what the best solution is", and "Tell me why?" That's another thing about Connor is that he's curious about everything and always wants to know what you think and why. Not to make sure you crossed your t's and dotted your i's, but because he's trying to get a better understanding of how we can best work together to make everything we do the best of the best—together.

It's rare to find someone who can think 30,000 ft and 3 ft and everything in-between all at once. Someone who balances creative and business so well, someone so talented, intelligent, eloquent, and who is so open and inclusive to everyone he works with.

"The role of a creative director is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued. - Ken Robinson" I sent that to Connor because I felt that it so accurately defined how I felt about him.

Connor is great and balancing the needs to the business with what he thinks is the best solution. It's rarely ever a fight with him, it's a negotiation. He has all the facts about why he's done what he's done. He puts in the work no matter what it is and makes sure it's well thought out. Connor will convince you to think differently wether you agree or not and does so in a way that makes you think that really anything is possible — sky's the limit. 

What Connor is great at is thinking of the best experience for him or her. Not just in the digital space but in every space they interact with. It seems obvious to write down, but really, who today is only interacting with physical spaces and who is purely digital? Connor takes everything into account and is able to visualize and create a world for people to live in that has the best of both. Connor never settles for good enough and is always thinking and moving forward. Connor and I are always blue sky jamming, except with Connor, I never feel like blue sky is ever that far away.

Principal Product Designer, Salesforce

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Connor Lowe. I worked directly with Connor for two years at Aritzia, where he was not only my manager, but a mentor, and teacher, also. His craft, natural leadership ability, business acumen, and pleasant demeanour made him an absolute joy and inspiration to work with.

What makes Connor a great design leader is his insatiable desire to solve problems with solutions that create value for humans, businesses, and the world.

When I was a junior designer, this was an invaluable perspective he instilled in me that will stick forever. Connor is thoughtful in his craft and empathetic in his approach. He is a great role model; possessing the intellect, elegance, and craft that makes a great designer. More importantly, he is patient in teaching and generous in sharing knowledge. I trust Connor greatly and know that when I was working with him, he was always looking out for my best interests.

To say that I enjoyed working with Connor would be an immense understatement. I miss working with him every day. He made such a significant impact on me and my career and I have him to thank for so much of the success I’ve experienced since my time at Aritzia. I am certain he will be successful and add tremendous value to any team lucky enough to have him.