The best eCommerce business in America

The best eCommerce business in America

The best eCommerce business in America


Head of Digital Experience



Image of phone showing Aritzia's website
Image of phone showing Aritzia's website

Aritzia evolved from the back of a department store in the west side of Vancouver into a multinational design house and retailer. The company's Everyday Luxury™ approach sits it below the luxury market and above fast fashion, giving it a unique market position, and appealing to women ages 15 - 50.

I was one of the first to join their eCommerce team in 2013.


Build the best eCommerce website in the world.


  • Annual eCommerce revenue consistently grew 30% YoY since going public, 20x increase in revenue since I started. Total eCommerce net revenue for 2023 was over $740M.

  • Consistent increases to conversion rates despite massive increases in traffic.

  • Ranked as the #1 Women’s Fashion site in Newseek's Best Online Shops 2023, 14th overall.

  • Ranked in the top 40th percentile for usability of eCommerce website by The Baymard Institute.


  • I was responsible for the digital experience of We continuously improved the eCommerce platform through modern software development practices.

  • I built a world class design department, inclusive of UX / product design, UX research, design systems, and experience strategy.

  • Grew the department from 1 to 18 staff, including directors, managers, designers, researchers, and design system specialists.

  • Played a key role in establishing Aritzia as a digital leader, shifting the mindset of a 40 year old brick and mortar retailer.

  • Drove revenue growth by influencing all eCommerce departments as key member of the eCommerce management team.

  • Primary contributor to each eCommerce strategy.


Over my tenure I had the great pleasure of managing:

Ty Husband, Eric Krtinic, Alee Furman, Trixie Calaquian, Hannah Marshall, Jackie Huang, Christabelle Fu, Kim Harris, Spencer Marsh, Anna Care, Jason Jajalla, Phuong Tran, Kevin Duffy, Micah Carrol, Mrinmoyee Ghose, Zahra Rajabi, Kiki Lansdell, Emma Pan, Ross Papa, Kiks Chua, Siya Mishra, Kelin Kardaal, Trevor Storey, Elsa Wong, Max Kaplun, Hugh Knapp, Steph Cruz, and Queenie Wu